My Journey

It's 5:33am EST in the morning on Thursday, March 12th, 2020.

I have decided that today is the day I'm going to look fear in the eyes.

I have decided that enough is enough.

I want to keep the commitment with myself that I am important, I am valued and that anything I set my mind to I can accomplish.

If that means learning to build quality relationships and being consistent on my word, with my day-to-day actions, then that is what I plan to do.

I've always been someone who is strong willed and determined to learn something if I feel less than confident about the topic. Throughout my life, relationships and consistency are two KEY areas that keep coming back to remind me, I have work to do.

This is work to not only be a better person but to have a better relationship with my husband, kids, and close family members. 

We recently moved from the Greater DC Area to the Greater NY Area.

And just like our children, I'm learning the process of building community and making new...

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How to Create A Vision Board

One VERY  important activities you can do to be successful is the very beginning as an entrepreneur / profession would be to write down or create your vision board.

The vision board is a resource used (notebook, post board, shadow box, bulletin board, etc) to identify, within each area of your life, what you’re aspiring to achieve as well as your daily focus on the bigger picture.

You can print images, cut images out of magazines or simply write down a basic mind map within a notebook. The nice thing is, it’s totally your call. I have found this process to be both very therapeutic and relaxing to get everything out from my brain and onto a visual board.

Before I introduce the benefits of a vision board – I wanted to share the overall focus of this exercise whether you’re a believer or not:

  • Develop a relationship with God through Jesus Christ and spend time regularly with Him in prayer and study. It will be out of a relationship with God that He answers...

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Six Types Of Interview Styles

Overwhelmed and trying to prepare for your next interview? Then you are in the RIGHT place.

Every employer has a preferred style of obtaining information they need for their hiring decision. Here are some basic types of interview styles you may encounter. Some employers may decide to use a combination of different styles, but as long as you have prepared, you will find you do well and can adapt to the situation as they present.

1.      Structured interview:

A structured interview is typically formal and organized – the process may include several interviews, commonly referred to as a panel interview. An interviewer who has a more structured style will usually begin with what is known as an “ice breaker” question. The icebreaker is used to relax you before the more serious questions are asked. A discussion about the weather might be used or perhaps a question about the traffic on your way to the office.

Next, the interviewer may talk...

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What Is Your Career Status?

Have you ever taken 'just a moment' to sit back and daydream a little about your current career situation. We're going to dive right in and go through a very thorough career diagnosis in order to better understand where we are and where we'd like to be. It's very help work to go beneath the layers if you really want to understand whats going on.

Very often, individuals are very narrow focused on what they see as their immediate career issues or concerns and make assumptions about their solutions, rather than seeing a holistic bigger picture.

Let's start by looking broadly at your current career situation and then examine it in a more detailed fashion from a number of different perspectives.

(Now get out your favorite pen and paper... and let's begin...!)

Exercise 1: Career Health Check

A. Write down your answers to the following questions, providing as MUCH detail as possible.

B. If you are not currently working, answer the questions related to your previous role.

  1. On a Monday...

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Are You Stuck?

Career: Fork-in-the-road

Time and time again (throughout our journey) we’ll find ourselves at the fork-in-the-road. Where we will need to decide which way we need to go to move forward with our lives. And it’s at that very moment we must evaluate what the best decision is for yourself now.

We want to keep in mind realistic expectations and outcomes, too. So I wanted to share my career journey with you to share how I evaluated and balanced by realistic expectations in a few seasons of my life in hopes to carry you through your challenges and obstacles along the way. There will be times, as you’ll notice on my journey, that we are given the opportunity to decide which direction we’ll head – and it’s up to us to make those decisions with courage, intention and prayer. I didn’t realize the full potential of relying on my faith and God until more recently.

When I was graduating from my undergrad degree in 2007, I was already 4-months pregnant and...

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What Is Your Story? #shareyourstory

Share Your Story.

A personal brand is a very important component which showcases your values, what you do and don’t stand for and the skills / knowledge you provide within your areas of expertise.

People are better able to engage with you and do business with you when they feel that they and trust you. Just like in relationships, you must build a solid foundation first before someone decides if they’re ready to move forward with next steps. The same goes for business.

Sharing your story is imperative for both entrepreneurs and working professionals, and if you haven’t already started building your personal brand, it’s the perfect time to begin. I wanted to share four key rules to help you with the process.

Be authentic:

One of the MOST important factors in brand credibility is sharing who you are in an authentic and genuine manner. Your attitude and communication should reflect your values and ethics. Never try to be someone you’re not, this will come...

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How To Develop Your Brand with Clients in Mind

A strong personal brand can help you land a new job, earn a promotion, make a sale, or influence others.

Nike, PlayStation, Starbucks. Even if you’ve never had the opportunity to try their shoes, play the game console, or drink their coffee, you can probably recognize their logos, repeat their taglines, or name someone who endorses them. Though they serve different audiences, these companies are known for their powerful brands.

Your personal brand—which includes your identity, actions, relationships, and reputation—can be just as powerful as consumer-focused brands. It’s what makes you different from everyone else, and it includes your image, your mission, your values, and your vision as you focus your brand with employers in mind.

  • Image: How you present yourself verbally and nonverbally to different groups of people, for example, how you consistently behave and promote yourself, creates your image. The way you communicate creates an impression of who you...

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11 Steps | How To Develop An SEO Style LinkedIn "All-Star" Profile

Easy steps to create an attractive and engaging LinkedIn profile that can really make you stand out to employers 

Did you know that every second, two new members join LinkedIn?

As LinkedIn recently surpassed the 500 million member milestone, it should come as no surprise that your LinkedIn profile is a great resource for building your network. This platform is rich in resources, from groups to blogs to job listings. Job seekers use the platform to enhance their job search, share quality content, and communicate online.

According to HuffPost, many users have only scratched the surface of what they can accomplish through their LinkedIn profiles. There are different types of users—such as employers, employees, business development reps, and active or passive candidates.

All users have specific reasons that drive them to use the platform. Some of the most common include:

  • To find employees to fill jobs (LinkedIn now has 3 million active job...

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