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Career Advancement Essentials | One-Payment

Get Hired Remotely is a comprehensive digital course to teach you in a step-by-step process and system to effectively search for and secure remote jobs.

Course Description: This course is designed to accelerate the job search process for individuals seeking remote job opportunities. The course provides learners with the skills and knowledge they need to effectively search for and secure remote jobs. The course covers topics such as identifying job opportunities, creating a personal brand, networking, preparing for job interviews, negotiating job offers, and succeeding in remote / hybrid work environments.

Module 1: Introduction to Remote Work

  •  Lesson 1: Understanding Remote Work and Its Benefits
  •  Lesson 2: Overview of Remote Job Opportunities
  •  Lesson 3: The Skills Needed for Remote Work

Module 2: Identifying Remote Job Opportunities

  •  Lesson 1: Identifying Your Remote Job Search Criteria
  •  Lesson 2: Effective Strategies for Finding Remote Job Opportunities
  •  Lesson 3: Using Job Boards, Company Websites, and Social Media for Remote Job Searches

Module 3: Creating a Personal Brand for Remote Job Search

  •  Lesson 1: Building Your Online Presence
  •  Lesson 2: Crafting Your Personal Brand Statement
  •  Lesson 3: Optimizing Your Resume and Cover Letter for Remote Job Applications

Module 4: Networking for Remote Job Search

  •  Lesson 1: Building and Leveraging Your Professional Network
  •  Lesson 2: Networking on Social Media Platforms for Remote Job Search
  •  Lesson 3: Participating in Virtual Professional Communities and Events

Module 5: Job Interview Preparation for Remote Jobs

  •  Lesson 1: Preparing for a Remote Job Interview
  •  Lesson 2: Common Remote Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them
  •  Lesson 3: Remote Job Interview Best Practices

Module 6: Negotiating and Accepting a Remote Job Offer

  •  Lesson 1: Understanding the Remote Job Offer and Compensation
  •  Lesson 2: Negotiating the Terms of a Remote Job Offer
  •  Lesson 3: Accepting a Remote Job Offer and Preparing for Your New Job

Module 7: Succeeding in Remote Work Environments

  •  Lesson 1: Effective Communication and Collaboration in Remote Work
  •  Lesson 2: Time Management and Productivity in Remote Work
  •  Lesson 3: Maintaining Work-Life Balance in Remote Work

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